Breast Reconstruction

Facing a mastectomy

A mastectomy can certainly be psychologically draining. Thankfully, breast reconstruction surgery can reshape breasts, so they recapture their form after cancer treatment.

Reconstruction can not only enable a woman rediscover her positive self-image again but possess a positive boosting overall psychological impact.

What is breast reconstruction surgery?

The objective is to remodel or reshape the breast after mastectomy or lumpectomy. A mastectomy is where the whole breast is removed, typically as well as the nipple area and also areola.

A lumpectomy is the removal of a portion of the breast where there is a smaller sized tumor..

Whilst there are numerous factors that will likely determine precisely what sort of breast reconstruction surgery best matches certain individuals, there are two primary types.

Types of breast reconstructive surgery are:

  • Implants or prosthetics: The insertion of silicone or saline implants.
  • Autologous or skin flap surgery: Tissue from other areas of the body are employed to restore the breast.

Occasionally, a combination of both of these approaches might be utilized to reconstruct the breast. Reconstruction can immediately or after the mastectomy has healed.

Breast Reconstruction Image

What are the options?

Reconstruction of the breasts is done using implants or skin flap surgical techniques.

Breast Implants

Reconstruction with implants is a technique where silicone or saline implants are placed beneath the skin or muscle below precisely where the breast tissue was. It is very similar to standard breast implant augmentation.

Typically, it is carried out in two stages. In the course of the first surgery, a tissue expander is positioned under the remaining skin of the breast or pectoralis muscles. This serves as a temporary saline implant that progressively stretches the remaining tissue.

Shortly after the patient has recovered from surgery, sterile saline or salt water is injected into the tissue expander on a weekly basis. This slowly stretches the overlying skin and muscle until it attains a size the woman is satisfied with.

When the chest tissues have healed, and the tissue expander has performed its purpose, a second surgical procedure is undertaken.

The tissue expander is removed and substituted with either a silicone or saline breast implant. The initial scar is commonly reopened, and consequently, generally speaking, no new scars are left on the chest.

Scar Removal

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Breast Skin flap surgery

Tissue is taken from another region of the body and relocated to the chest to form a breast. It is typically taken from the abdomen but may well be taken from the buttock, back, or thigh.

Flap surgery is a very intricate surgery. It is performed using one of two techniques:.

  • Free flap surgery.
  • Pedicle flap surgery.

Flap surgery necessitates the surgeon to entirely remove the tissue and neighbouring blood vessels to be placed in the breast. Blood vessels are stitched to the blood vessels in the chest where the tissue is to be positioned.

In pedicle flap surgery, the tissue that is being transferred is not totally cut away from all of its blood vessels prior to being transplanted. It is left connected to the body and normally rotated into the chest to create the breast. This is typically performed utilizing tissue from the abdominal area or back.

Breast Reconstruction

Recovery Post Surgery

Breast reconstruction is major surgery. Both implant reconstruction and flap reconstruction necessitate a number of days in hospital after each procedure. Both forms of surgeries leave a patient helpless to accomplish the majority of routine activities for approximately 2 months. However, after this time, life steadily returns back to normal.

Alternatives To Breast Reconstruction

Some women decide to or prefer to wear a type of prosthetic breast. This can be used either within their bras or affixed to their bodies. They simulate the look and feel of the natural breast and provide the body with the weight it requires with regard to good posture.

There are those that opt not to do anything after a mastectomy. Perhaps they are adverse to additionally surgical treatment or are simply accepting of their new shape.

Nevertheless one should seek help from only surgical specialists but also a psychologist to make sure you do what you do for the right reasons that are right for you.