Hi, my name is Tracey Price. I have worked in the world of cosmetics for a lonnng time. More than I care to share! I decided to set up this blog because I am fascinated by aesthetic surgery be it for purely medical need or merely the aesthetic ‘vanity’ look.

I will endeavour to bring you interesting articles and possible case studies of different types of surgeries and try to lay out each as simply as possible. Sometimes, complex medical subjects can be a real turn off to readers so I will try to break them down into easily digestible bite sized chunks.

I will attempt to cover the whole cross section of cosmetic surgeries and also discuss all natural remedies that are an alternative to ‘going under the knife’.

If you want me to cover any cosmetic surgery topics or remedies that you feel would be beneficial to a wider readership then by all means contact me. I will see what I can do and maybe your choice will be my next article post!

Once again, thanks for visiting my blog!

Regards, Tracey